Our goal is to provide children with a safe warm environment that supports their growth as young learners. 

Our Mission

We believe a child’s earliest years should be a time filled with new stimuli and novel experiences that drive their cognitive, social, and physical growth and development. Pulling from the children's natural interests and curiosities about the world around them is the best catalyst for their learning, especially in these early years. 

One of our key elements is maintaining a ratio that supports individualized attention and the feeling of security. Teachers and assistants work together in the preparation and presentation of lessons to ensure the students are actively engaged and interested in the material being presented. Our small school also encourages a sense of community, assists in students' social connections, and helps in creating real friendships.

Dylan loves going to school in the morning; he loves telling us about his day when we pick him up. There is also a significant improvement with his speech. I’m so happy to have found such an awesome place for my son to spend his days :)
— A Very Happy Mom

LAC Success Stories

Johnny started at LAC Early Childhood Center not being able to talk or communicate with his teachers and classmates. He would point or yell to show that he wanted something. Shortly after he began, Johnny started to receive speech therapy and later on he was joined at LAC by a daily SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher). He has blossomed significantly with this help. Johnny is now communicating clearly with children and adults and connecting with his classmates in a way he wasn’t able to before. We are so proud of him and it has truly been a pleasure to watch his development.

Katie began at LAC at age 2 receiving speech therapy, feeding therapy, and physical therapy. She was extremely shy around her teachers and friends. Her teachers encouraged her and supported her while her classmates never backed away from her. We began to see a change in her and after several months, Katie no longer needed speech or feeding therapy. She blossomed right before our eyes. Her new abilities came with new found confidence and we saw her grow happier, more sure of herself, and more willing to approach teachers and students. She continued to receive physical therapy until she turned 3 and by this point, Katie could walk up and down the stairs and jump on the trampoline all by herself. She was excited at what she was now able to do and we were excited for her.

I wanted to say that your school has been really good to my daughter Helena, since she started at 2 years old (she is currently 3 and a half) and to us as a family. You cannot begin to understand the peace of mind that we have every morning when we leave her there since we know she is in good hands and good care. She is happy, she is thriving and she loves her school and her teachers. We will be forever grateful for this.

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